Updated - 20st of Mayl 2019

Home again after a mind blowing trip to Tel Aviv, Israel with the Danish Eurovision delegation and Leonora (Love Is Forever) being a vocal coach and backing singer.



Updated - 12th of April 2019

My EP “More Than She Does” hit the streets today and I’m overwhelmed and grateful for all the sweet messages I’ve received!
Available for streaming everywhere :-)


Updated - 26th of February 2019

Back on tour with #gunnertoftgospelsingers and feeling ecstatic after our 2 concerts Sunday

Can’t wait for #Aarhus #skæringkirke tonight and #aalborg tomorrow!

52723231 2242433359153248 3223610033547771904 o.jpg


Updated - 25th of February 2019

2 days ago this happened. “The song “Anywhere” I’ve co-written was performed by Simone Emilie at DMGP 2019.


Updated - 24th of February 2019

Yesterday was the last day with best and sweetest band ever <3
Such an honor being part of the Stine Bramsen gang!

IMG 3022.jpeg


Updated - 21st of February 2019

OMG! More than 2.000.000 streams on Youtube already!
Had a lot of fun recording vocals for this cute charactor for 
#cbbmobil and their new song #livetudenfilter 
#lifewithoutfilter #recording #animation #singer #jeanettebonde with the voice talents of Kasper Ehlers and Marcel Gbekle

51413086 2212079082188676 4470075500659736576 n.jpg


Updated - 25th of January 2019

Tourlife - #almostready #stinebramsen #ontour


Updated - 11th of January 2019

Recording cello
#newmusicontheway #acousticinstruments


Updated - 25th of November 2018

Caught in a moment with the beautiful Ida Corr 
#whataweekend #backingsinger 
#backing amazing artists #Wafande #Idacorr #ErannDD

46892988 2100475080015744 5080583326301945856 n.jpg


Updated - 22nd of November 2018

Such a pleasure singing backing vocals for this beautiful lady last night #acoustictour2018 #stinebramsen

46499086 2095569590506293 1604738148452007936 n.jpg


Updated - 10th of October 2018

Such a bad-ass-feeling to be part of the writer team on this song @Die For You” by @rusikaofficial 
It will feature on MTV US tonight and be out 4real this friday in DK and US

43626198 2032734926789760 5112674750707007488 n.jpg


Updated - 13th of July 2018

I’m about to get in there and bring it!! Today I’m recording my Nashville-written song “Chills” as a live session at OMNI SOUND STUDIOS, Nashville.


Updated - 26th of June 2018

Doing my thing…. Recording vocals for a SING-OFF duel with danish recording artist Adonis - YEAY :-)

IMG 0373.jpg


Updated - 26th of June 2018

Wrote an amazing song today with Kevin Charge who has had 38 no. 1 singles in Asia over the past 3 years.


Updated - 21st of June 2018

We are ready for danish television - Live performance with recording artist Stine Bramsen!

IMG 0266.jpg


Updated - 5th of June 2018

Office was moved to Mallorca, Spain this week and I’m SO ready and inspired to do them songs :-)


Updated - 21st of May 2018

Today has been crazy and amazing - I performed live on stage in Aarhus DK - celebrating the 50st birthday of the danish Crown Prince.


Updated - 18th of January 2018

Post-premiere-happy-face! #Klassebilledet
The show was sold out as well as the rest of the shows at Vendsyssel Theater already is.
#grateful #vendsysselteater -


Updated - 27th of December 2017

Had a blast at DR recording the show “Året Der Gik 2017”

#backingMedina #houseorchestra #åretdergik2017 #DR


Updated - 1st of November 2017

Exciting things waiting in the future with these two!!


Updated - 19th of Oktober 2017

Yesterday was fun!
Session with Carl-Emil and Frederik at Medley Studios, CPH


Updated - 11th of September 2017

Writercamp at GL Music about to begin :-)
- Fun is about to be had!



Updated - 10th of June 2017

Supporting a great initiativ today at Rådhuspladsen in Copenhagen!
Through music we are showing our support to the family and friends of missing persons in DK <3

Forsvundne Personer


Updated - 12th of June 2017

Nice vibes in the studio - Working with Jeppe Pilgaard today
#OffTheRecordProductions #writer #songwriter


Updated - 27th of April 2017

Writing songs with the amazing Frida Brygmann :-)

Frida Brygmann


Updated - 16th of March 2017

I’m very happy to finally present the acoustic version of my song “Hurricane” - recorded in my living room - Hope you like it :-)


Updated - 26th of February 2017

Last night was amazing!! I performed “Hurricane” on national TV and I had a blast <3

Hurricane, on stage, Jeanette Bonde.jpg


Updated - 30th of January 2017

My first single “Hurricane” will be released in 3 weeks from today on Spotify & iTunes!
I can’t wait to share it with you :-)

Jeanette Bonde Hurricane cover 3000x3000.png


Updated - 28th of January 2017

Did this live acoustic cover of the Alessia Cara song “Scars To Your Beautiful” at home with Jeppe Pilgaard.This song has a loving message - You’re beautiful just the way you are -

Check it out here:
Scars To Your Beautiful (cover by Jeanette Bonde & Jeppe Pilgaard)


Updated - 19th of January 2017

I’m so happy to finally being able to share that I will be performing at Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2017. The song I will be singing is “Hurricane” that I wrote with Jeppe Pilgaard, Alexander Grandjean and Nermin Harambasic. The show with be live transmitted on the 25th of February :-)


Updated - 15th of November 2016

Amazing rehearsal today with Oh Land, Benal, Karl William and Stine Bramsen.
Looking forward to saturday where we will be performing beautiful songs at the Danish Opera House in Copenhagen.

IMG 0151.JPG


Updated - 6th of October 2016

Hanging with these girls today - acoustic concert with Stine Bramsen! 


Updated - 4th of October 2016

Did a concert today with Copenhagen Gospel Quartet at Sengeløse Kirke last Sunday



Updated - 15th of September 2016

It’s finally here - the beautiful song “I Need You" by Jakob Gunnertoft - so happy to be a part of it!


Updated - 14th of September 2016

Songwriter session in beautiful CPH - taking a break to enjoy the view...




Updated - 8th of September 2016

Last concert of the 2016 Summer Tour with Stine Bramsen was yesterday - what a journey!! <3

Stine Bramsen - the girls


Updated - 30st of August 2016

Writing songs with this guy today
#offtherecordproductions #jeppepilgaard




Updated - 6th of August 2016

Still feeling high after yesterdays concert at SMUKfest2016 with Stine Bramsen!!!



Updated - 3rd of August 2016

Last 2 weeks have been amazing - 8 days - 8 concerts with Stine Bramsen and Nabiha at GRØN Koncert 2016

Grønkoncert 2016



Updated - 26th of July 2016

I’m featuring as the danish singing voice of the character Brooke in "Ice Age 5”.
I had so much fun being the danish version og Jessie J!

Ice Age


Updated - 20st of July 2016

Rehearsing for GRØNkoncert2016 Tour with Stine Bramsen and Nabiha…
Apparently stribes is the dresscode of the day :-)
#stinebramsen #merethecorydon #readyforGRØN



Updated - 3rd of June 2016

2 hours ago...
#stinbramsen #backing #aalborgDK 

Stine Bramsen band


Updated - 30st of May 2016

Music video shooting with Gunnertoft Gospel Singer in Aarhus, DK 

160530Gunnertoft Video Shooting


Updated - 25th of May 2016

Performing at Kolding Teater - Charity Concert




Updated - 19th of May 2016

Hyped up and ready for the Stine Bramsen SummerTour2016!



Updated - 10th of May 2016

Yesterday was magic - Backing singer for Josh Groban in Falkoner Theatre CPH

Josh Groban 9. maj 2016


Updated - 19th of April 2016

Yesterday was spent with these ladies!
Can’t wait to start touring again with Stine Bramsen.



Updated - 5th of April 2016

Studio sessions in Cph!
#songwriting #nice_crew



Updated - 23rd of March 2016

Session in Cph…
#songwriter #inlovewithmusic #chillin'

230316Session1 KBH.jpg


Updated - 22nd of March 2016

Having fun in the studio - recording new gospel music at Corona Music.



Updated - 17th of March 2016

Played the grand piano last night.
#concert #Jeanette_Bonde_TRIO



Updated - 3rd of March 2016

My and my piano - getting ready for concert!



Updated - 17th of February 2016

A picture from my concert last night at the beautiful church of Simon Peter in Kolding, DK.



Updated - 14th of February 2016

Just played the last concert with Stine Bramsen with the acoustic setup for now.
#Skagen_DK #standing_ovation

(Photo by Claudia Dons)

140216StineBramsen, Skagen.jpeg


Updated - 7th of February 2016

Taking a break from the tour at Moesgaard Museum, Aarhus, DK.
#hanging_with_the_girls #while_on_tour #Stine_Bramsen



Updated - 3rd of February 2016

Stine Bramsen - live - in “DR Koncertsalen” two days in a row. Still high on adrenalin!

030216StineBramsen, DRkoncertsal


Updated - 31st of January 2016

Singing backing vocals for James Sampson today!



Updated - 9th of January 2016

Rehearsing before performing the new single “Cavalry” live with Stine Bramsen at the danish TV “Sportsgalla”.

090116, Sportsgalla.jpeg


Updated - 30rd of December 2015

Just finished session with these two - new music in the making!
#Off_the_Record_Productions #songwriter



Updated - 18th of December 2015

A happy Stine Bramsen crew visiting Bornholm, DK

181215Stinebramsen, Bornholm.jpeg


Updated - 26th of December 2015

Singing at the danish television show “Året Der Gik 2015” - Doing backing vocals for Simon Kvamm, Shaka Loveless, Cecilia, Stine Bramsen and Hasan Shah.
#houseband #DR #glitter


Updated - 2nd of December 2015

Getting ready for a loaded weekend with concerts - among them 2 concerts with this choir!
The Gospel Voices! Can’t wait!


Find out more about The Gospel Voices


Updated - 25th of November 2015

Just played the 6th and last concert in Aarhus, DK with Stine Bramsen and crew.
Looking forward to the 2 shows tomorrow in Copenhagen at Christians Kirke.

Stine Bramsen, Sankt Pauls Kirke


Updated - 21st of November 2015

We’re ready to annouce the dates of our mini tour (winter/spring) 2016 with Jeanette Bonde TRIO.
Can’t wait to get out there!

TRIO tour 2016


Updated - 12th of November 2015

Songwriter session at Off The Record Productions…
#BalladInTheMaking <3

OffTheRecordP session


Updated - 26th of October 2015

Get-in at 5:30 am to perform at danish television - “Go’ Morgen Danmark” with beautiful Stine Bramsen. Off again at 9 am. I had a blast :-) 
-The best way to start a week!


Updated - 22nd of October 2015

Preparing last rehearsal for the concert this sunday with Gunnertoft Gospel Singers in Silkeborg, DK. 
Can’t wait to sing with all these amazing people.



Updated - 16th of October 2015

Acoustic Tour with Stine Bramsen this fall and Band Tour in 2016 - Can’t wait!!


Updated - 9th of October 2015

Writing songs with Mr. Jeppe Pilgaard - Off the Record Productions



Updated - 4th of October 2015

Doing my “uhh’s and ahh’s” at DR - “Kronprinsparrets Priser 2015” - award show


Updated - 27th of September 2015

Backing vocals for the legendary danish artist Peter A.G.

Peter AG


Updated - 23rd of August 2015

Yesterday we ended the StineBramsen SummerTour2015 at MadsbyRock2015 in Fredericia, DK. 
What a summer!! It’s been truly amazing! #thegirls

Stine, Merethe og Jeanette 2015 sommer.jpg


Updated - 8th of August 2015

Getting ready for SMUKfest 2015 in Skanderborg, DK. I can’t wait to go on stage later today featuring as backing vocal for the danish rock band ULIGE NUMRE.

#SMUKfest2015 #Bøgescenen

Ulige Numre Grandprix


Updated - 5th of August 2015

We’ve been touring and having a lot of fun with Stine Bramsen & Crew all over DK. Now we’re ready for “Fed Fredag” at Tivoli Friheden in Aarhus, DK this Friday.



Updated - 10th of June 2015

Had a lot of fun playing at Sølund Festival, DK with the amazing Stine Bramsen, band and crew.

SølundFestival2015, Stine Bramsen


Updated - 2nd of June 2015

1st day of touring in Cph and Aarhus, DK with the physical theater performance “The Last Supper” as composer, sound technician and vocal coach.

The Last Supper, billede 1

2nd of June 2015 - Dansekapellet, Cph at 7:30 pm
4th of June 2015 - Godsbanen (Åben Scene), Aarhus DK at 7 pm
5th of June 2015 - Godsbanen (Åben Scene), Aarhus DK at 7 pm


Updated - 9th of May 2015

Waiting for rehersal for live performance at danish television (TV2) with Stine Bramsen and Rasmus Walter.

Falkoner, Stine Bramsen.jpg


Updated - 8th of May 2015

Great beginning of Summer Tour 2015 with Stine Bramsen in Tivoli, Cph DK.

Stine Bramsen, sommertour.jpg


Updated - 4th of May 2015

Just finished a week of amazing songwriting experiences at the camp, Aarhus Calling 2015.
A lot has been learned and I've gotten to know a bunch of passionate and talented danish and international songwriters and producers.



Updated - 30th of March 2015

Five amazing weeks of touring with Stine Bramsen has now come to an end. We played the last concert at Musikkens Hus, Aalborg - full house! I can’t wait to see everybody again in May, when we begin the Summer Tour 2015!

Musikkens Hus 2015   Stine Bramsen 41

(Musikkens Hus, Aalborg DK - last concert, Stine Bramsen Spring Tour 2015 - 28th of March 2015 - photo by Rene Jeppesen)


Updated - 25th of March 2015

After an amazing week with 4 concerts incl. DR Concert Hall in Copenhagen, we’re now entering the last week of concerts in the March tour with the danish vocalist Stine Bramsen.

(DR Concert Hall - afternoon sound check - 18th of March 2015)


Updated - 6th of March 2015

Stine Bramsen - 5 star review of our concert i Aarhus, DK
An amazing evening with an amazing audience!



Updated - 28th of January 2015

Stine Bramsen - Awesome review of our first concert - Silkeborg, DK last night

Midtjyllands Avis


Updated - 26th of January 2015

Stine Bramsen - Watch our performance of the latest single “KarmaTown” on TV2/PLAY


Updated - 23th of January 2015

Stine Bramsen LIVE 2015

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